Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five-Spice Salmon Fillets Recipe

We don't know why, we always dread about cooking fish. We love eating fish, steamed and cooked the way our mothers did when we were growing up. But we had never attempted cooking any fish here in America. One reason is, it's not easy to find a live fish to take home like our mothers do. We don't like frozen fish. Another reason is, we can't easily find the kind of whole fish here in America that are Chinese cooking friendly. We don't really like the meaty fish fillets available here if they are steamed in the Chinese way. So we just don't bother. One day, talking to our mothers long distance, complaining about how we were craving for the steamed live fishes they made for us almost everyday, our mothers told us to cure our fish craving by getting salmon and pan-fry it with soysauce and green onions. So we went get the fresh salmon fillets, $7.99 per pound. It's not really anything that is budget friendly for those who want to make a meal for $5 or less. But we needed the fish and we got to have it at all cost. When we were ready to cook the salmon like our mothers advised, we realized we forgot to buy green onions. Co-incidentally, one of us tumbled upon this salmon recipe that uses five-spice powder (we always have a bottle of five-spice powder in our pantry) with no green onion required. So we gave this American recipe a try. Wow, we totally loved it. The five spice powder makes the salmon taste incredibly delicious. This recipe is so easy and so short. It only requires so few ingredients. It's amazing how a simple recipe like this can churn out a great tasting dish within a very short time. We pair the salmon with baby green bak choys ($1.19 for a 1.5lb bag from a Chinese grocery store) and steamed rice. So the whole meal for 4 people costed may be about $10.00. So worth it, considering it's fresh, delicious and healthy meal for the skinny people like us!! We highly recommend it. Click here for the recipe from the Good Housekeeping website. You will see a comment there from someone who thinks the recipe makes the fish too salty and who dislikes the recipe. Don't listen to that cause we don't know how much salt and five-spice powder that user used. The amont of seasoning the recipe calls for to prep the 4 fillets, from our own experience, is just perfect. As far as five spice powder goes, we use the ones from Taiwan. We are sure the Mccommick brand also carries five spice powder that are widely available in regular American gorcery stores.

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