Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grape Pizza Recipe

This pizza recipe looks like a great appetizer for the holiday party. How do you like it?? Click here to find the recipe.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five-Spice Salmon Fillets Recipe

We don't know why, we always dread about cooking fish. We love eating fish, steamed and cooked the way our mothers did when we were growing up. But we had never attempted cooking any fish here in America. One reason is, it's not easy to find a live fish to take home like our mothers do. We don't like frozen fish. Another reason is, we can't easily find the kind of whole fish here in America that are Chinese cooking friendly. We don't really like the meaty fish fillets available here if they are steamed in the Chinese way. So we just don't bother. One day, talking to our mothers long distance, complaining about how we were craving for the steamed live fishes they made for us almost everyday, our mothers told us to cure our fish craving by getting salmon and pan-fry it with soysauce and green onions. So we went get the fresh salmon fillets, $7.99 per pound. It's not really anything that is budget friendly for those who want to make a meal for $5 or less. But we needed the fish and we got to have it at all cost. When we were ready to cook the salmon like our mothers advised, we realized we forgot to buy green onions. Co-incidentally, one of us tumbled upon this salmon recipe that uses five-spice powder (we always have a bottle of five-spice powder in our pantry) with no green onion required. So we gave this American recipe a try. Wow, we totally loved it. The five spice powder makes the salmon taste incredibly delicious. This recipe is so easy and so short. It only requires so few ingredients. It's amazing how a simple recipe like this can churn out a great tasting dish within a very short time. We pair the salmon with baby green bak choys ($1.19 for a 1.5lb bag from a Chinese grocery store) and steamed rice. So the whole meal for 4 people costed may be about $10.00. So worth it, considering it's fresh, delicious and healthy meal for the skinny people like us!! We highly recommend it. Click here for the recipe from the Good Housekeeping website. You will see a comment there from someone who thinks the recipe makes the fish too salty and who dislikes the recipe. Don't listen to that cause we don't know how much salt and five-spice powder that user used. The amont of seasoning the recipe calls for to prep the 4 fillets, from our own experience, is just perfect. As far as five spice powder goes, we use the ones from Taiwan. We are sure the Mccommick brand also carries five spice powder that are widely available in regular American gorcery stores.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cornflakes Chocolate Chips Cookies

Today is my last day at work before the Christmas holdiays begin. This means it's my last chance to give my co-workers their presents. Money is tight for me because I had spent too much money eating out in fancy restaurants (spent $80 for lunch just yesterday in Ivy in Beverly Hills and the food wasn't really that good) and buying cook books. In a desperation to save money, I found this cookie recipe on the internet and baked several dozens last night without much effort, packed them in boxes and just gave each of my fellow co-workers a box. They love them and are eating them at this moment with coffee. I'm relieved the Christmas gifting ordeal is officially over for this year. I don't cook much and am not good at cooking. So when I looked for cookie recipes, they have to be easy enough for me to do, and yet unique and special enough for me to make an effort to bake them at home. (or why bother, cause I can always buy the same old cookies from Costco) These cookies are just perfect cause I had never had chocolate chips cookies like these before, they have this special and flavorful crunch which makes the cookies more fun to chew on and a lot more tasty than the usual classics baked by everybody else.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cup Brownies With White Chocolate Pecan Frosting

We don't have sweet teeth because we were raised in a non-sweet Asian diet. We also never cared too much for sweet stuff because we want to maintain our 4 to 6 sizes. But these brownies are, at this moment of our lives, the best brownies we ever had, they are melt-in-the-mouth yummy treats that we couldn't stop eating. We baked 24 last-night and they were all gone! We were shocked that we could do this. We normally could only take one bite of the store bought brownie or restaurant baked brownie and we felt sick to the stomach already. But these brownies tasted so good, each of us could take in several and still wanted more. We didn't have any sick feeling. We now realize brownies made with natural ingredients and the right amount of real butter are much better than those made with artificial shortenings, or whatever it is that only one bite makes us feel nauseous already. We realize there is no point in using margerine or whatever butter substitute that don't nearly taste good but only give us a bloating stomach. Click here to see the recipe for these delightful brownies. Besides, why use margerine since butter had done no harm to us, we are still in sizes 4 to 6. The secret to our slim figures is, not to over eat on a daily basis...but do enjoy the real good stuff once in a full moon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Foodies Friendship Giveaway

We are giving away the above novel. When you decide to take a break from the kitchen to chill out in your porch or you want to pack that great lunch you just cooked up, to eat at a park, or by the beach, this book will be your great company.

A foodie winner will be picked by computer randomly on December 20th, 2009. Below are the rules for participation:
  • You have a U.S. shipping address (we don't ship outside USA)

  • Become our blog's follower.
  • Put a comment on this post to express your desire to participate.

Good Luck.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Linguini With Italian Meatballs

This is the first time we make meatballs and we are thrilled to be able to skip the frying procedure that our mothers' recipes call for. These meatballs are totally delicious and moist. We love them so much and we are so definitely going to make a whole bunch of them in advance to make our weekday dinners preparation a tasty bliss! Click here to find the recipe.

Also, we have some free gifts for all of you foodies out there.. Please click here to participate.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ho-Ho-Ho Hummus-Topped Cucumbers Recipe

This cucumber recipe looks like a great appetizer for the holiday party. Click here to find the recipe.
Also, we have some free gifts for all of you foodies out there.. Please click here to participate.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mexican Beef Vegetable Soup

We love this soup so much cause we're able to quickly make it really fresh anytime we feel hungry and we want something wholesome, nutritious and tasty. (no advanced prepping, no heating up of leftover from freezer, we don't really like frozen food if we have a choice...) Click here to read the recipe.
Also, we have some free gifts for all of you foodies out there.. Please click here to participate.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Us

Before we introduce ourselves, we want you to know that we have a foodie giveaway, click here for detail.

We are a bunch of hungry friends who went broke just eating out and obsessively buying cookbooks. All of us together own over 4000 cook books that are published in Japanese, Chinese, or English that cover cooking from literatelly every cultural perspective. One day, we decided that we would save some money; by may be trying out some of the recipes from our cookbooks instead of drooling over them and go break our wallets for dinners at fancy restaurants every night. We have very little experience in cooking, we never enjoyed the tidious cooking process cause we grew up never had to enter the kitchen for anything. Our cookbook buying addiction had gotten so serious that our cookbooks are literally burying us. Since we can't find a re-hab facility to cure our addiction, we started this blog. We hope to channel our obsession on cookbooks to reading recipe online and learning to actually cook instead.

Each recipe we feature here represents the itch that was driving us to the bookstore, but that was relieved by a wonderful recipe we found on the internet. Some of the recipes here, we have cooked them and tried them and loved them. You can find them here... Other recipes are just pure little patches that we used to soothe our cook book buying itch when it started kicking in. Not all recipes on all blogs and websites can effectively curb our urge to go to the bookstore. Since we grew up with good food at great restaurants, we are only interested in recipes that can provide that great tastes we experienced. In our opinion, life is too short to even attempt in cooking anything that doesn't tastes good. You can save money all you want by cooking crappy food, but you can't buy back every moment in you life you spent eating crappy food. So, we are selective and we only choose great recipes to post here. If you think your blog has a great tasting recipe like that and want to impress our picky palletes, please email us.

Note: Unlike many blogs out there which copy recipe in its entirety from another website or blog, and only put a link that says, "adapted from", we think this is not proper cause no reader will click on that link back to the original site or blog when they can see the whole recipe right there already. Therefore, we don't post the recipe, unless it's orginated from us or our sister blog that is owned by us, we only post our opinion on the recipe and send visitors to the orginator's site or blog if they really want to read about the actual recipe. We think this is the only right thing to do. We believe that copying and pasting the whole recipe from another site is just wrong (even though a fine print link was put to link back to the original blog or site).