Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Us

Before we introduce ourselves, we want you to know that we have a foodie giveaway, click here for detail.

We are a bunch of hungry friends who went broke just eating out and obsessively buying cookbooks. All of us together own over 4000 cook books that are published in Japanese, Chinese, or English that cover cooking from literatelly every cultural perspective. One day, we decided that we would save some money; by may be trying out some of the recipes from our cookbooks instead of drooling over them and go break our wallets for dinners at fancy restaurants every night. We have very little experience in cooking, we never enjoyed the tidious cooking process cause we grew up never had to enter the kitchen for anything. Our cookbook buying addiction had gotten so serious that our cookbooks are literally burying us. Since we can't find a re-hab facility to cure our addiction, we started this blog. We hope to channel our obsession on cookbooks to reading recipe online and learning to actually cook instead.

Each recipe we feature here represents the itch that was driving us to the bookstore, but that was relieved by a wonderful recipe we found on the internet. Some of the recipes here, we have cooked them and tried them and loved them. You can find them here... Other recipes are just pure little patches that we used to soothe our cook book buying itch when it started kicking in. Not all recipes on all blogs and websites can effectively curb our urge to go to the bookstore. Since we grew up with good food at great restaurants, we are only interested in recipes that can provide that great tastes we experienced. In our opinion, life is too short to even attempt in cooking anything that doesn't tastes good. You can save money all you want by cooking crappy food, but you can't buy back every moment in you life you spent eating crappy food. So, we are selective and we only choose great recipes to post here. If you think your blog has a great tasting recipe like that and want to impress our picky palletes, please email us.

Note: Unlike many blogs out there which copy recipe in its entirety from another website or blog, and only put a link that says, "adapted from", we think this is not proper cause no reader will click on that link back to the original site or blog when they can see the whole recipe right there already. Therefore, we don't post the recipe, unless it's orginated from us or our sister blog that is owned by us, we only post our opinion on the recipe and send visitors to the orginator's site or blog if they really want to read about the actual recipe. We think this is the only right thing to do. We believe that copying and pasting the whole recipe from another site is just wrong (even though a fine print link was put to link back to the original blog or site).

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