Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cup Brownies With White Chocolate Pecan Frosting

We don't have sweet teeth because we were raised in a non-sweet Asian diet. We also never cared too much for sweet stuff because we want to maintain our 4 to 6 sizes. But these brownies are, at this moment of our lives, the best brownies we ever had, they are melt-in-the-mouth yummy treats that we couldn't stop eating. We baked 24 last-night and they were all gone! We were shocked that we could do this. We normally could only take one bite of the store bought brownie or restaurant baked brownie and we felt sick to the stomach already. But these brownies tasted so good, each of us could take in several and still wanted more. We didn't have any sick feeling. We now realize brownies made with natural ingredients and the right amount of real butter are much better than those made with artificial shortenings, or whatever it is that only one bite makes us feel nauseous already. We realize there is no point in using margerine or whatever butter substitute that don't nearly taste good but only give us a bloating stomach. Click here to see the recipe for these delightful brownies. Besides, why use margerine since butter had done no harm to us, we are still in sizes 4 to 6. The secret to our slim figures is, not to over eat on a daily basis...but do enjoy the real good stuff once in a full moon.

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