Monday, November 16, 2009

Roasted Free-Range Turkey with Pear Chestnut Stuffing

Is cooking a turkey really a huge task? I have been reading cooking blogs hoping to find a good turkey recipe that presents an enticing bird prepared by the common folks... (not a chef, not a celebrity cook or a cooking magazine that have 100 years of experience in roasting a pretty turkey...) But I can't seem to have much luck. Lots of blogs don't even blog about a roast whole turkey. Very few do but their birds don't look too good. So I have to once again refer to my favorite guru, Martha Stewart, for a turkey recipe... I just hope with my limited cooking ability, I can manage to reproduce this turkey in my kitchen, without disfiguring its pretty physical appeal...
This turkey recipe is featured on the Martha Stewart Living Magazine November 1997 issue, how do you like it?

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