Sunday, November 22, 2009

Citrus-Avocado Salad

This recipe is featured in the book "Test Kitchen Favorites: 75 Years of Recipes Too Good To Be Forgotten" . You can also find the recipe here.

This recipe was first published by Better Homes & Garden in 1939. One of the ingredients in this recipe is pomegranate seeds. We don't know how widely available were avocados and pomegranate seeds back in 1939 in America since none of us are native of this country, but even with such ingredients easily found in our grocery stores today, we still find this salad refreshing and exotic in today's food-rich culture. The combination of avocado and pomegranate seeds in a salad? We haven't had such an exotic salad even in restaurants in Santa Monica or anywhwere in our metropoltian hometowns in Asia....and we live and breathe in the restaurants all over the world... We've got to try to make this one at home for sure. We love this book cause it shows us a lot of America's history. Amazing what one can learn from a cookbook, no wonder we can't stop buying them... We can only imagine how innovative and forward thinking the American cooks were in 1939. That was before even Julia Child's stint in France. We can't help but wonder why couldn't she look back at her home turf for cooking inspiration. From what I heard from her, it was France that introduced the world of good food to her. May be she would have started cooking earlier if only she had subsribed to the Better Homes & Garden magazines. And just how many Americans in 1939 were oblivious to this forward-thinking recipe, like Julia Child was?

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