Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Single Serving Microwave Carrot Cake

The concept of baking a quick one serving cake using the microwave really intrigued us and got us excited. Unfortunately, the result was far from what we expected. The time we spent mixing up the batter for this one serving cake was not much shorter than the time we typically spent mixing up an oven-baked cake from scratch (no boxed cake mix). The cooking time was of course a few minutes with the microwave versus 25 minutes for oven-baked cake. However, the taste and texture of this cake was not close to the goodness of the traditional oven-baked cake we were expecting. This microwave cake was dry and the texture too spongy. It became even harder and drier after a few minutes. We felt like we were eating a bath scrub.... We wonder if it's really possible to bake any cake at all using microwave... or it's just our taste bud that we don't like eating cake in such texture? For those of you who are curious and who are willing to spend a little time to try this out, you can click here for the recipe.

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